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WindRiver's Linux move
by Karim Yaghmour, 2003-10-02 11:03:55 EDT
Read the article...

Embedded Systems, Linux, and the Future
by Karim Yaghmour, 2003-06-09 23:16:21 EDT
This article explores the current state of the embedded systems software market, and how Linux is modifying the landscape. Here's an excerpt from the article: "Linux has always been, and will continue to be, a work in progress. ... Linux's successful use in embedded systems will be mainly dictated by embedded system developers' active and direct involvement in its development." Read the article...

Embedded Linux: Semantics and Reality
by Karim Yaghmour, 2003-05-12 21:10:41 EDT
This is an article which summarizes my view of the usage of the "embedded Linux" term. Here's an excerpt from the intro: "Let's put it bluntly: embedded Linux doesn't exist. Embedded Linux is the stuff of glitzy announcements, hype, and other marketing mumbo jumbo." Read the article...

A first review of Building Embedded Linux Systems
by Karim Yaghmour, 2003-05-09 16:35:24 EDT
A first review of the book is now available online from Generally, the reviewer is quite happy with the book. He concludes by stating: "The book gives you a solid foundation in embedded Linux that you ought to have, whether building systems using one of the toolkits or strictly from scratch." Read the article...

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