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There are already a slew of mailing lists for the many software components used in building embedded systems based on the Linux kernel. This list isn't meant to replace any of those lists, but rather to complement them by providing a focal point for discussing those aspects which aren't already served. Among other things, this list is the proper venue for discussing:

  • How embedded systems based on Linux are put together.
  • Where to find more information regarding a certain aspect of building embedded Linux systems.
  • Which software components implement a certain functionality and what are the tradeoffs amongst existing implementations.
  • Putting together a GNU cross-development toolchain for a Linux target.
  • How to best configure the kernel for an embedded system.
  • Constructing a root filesystem for a given purpose based on a fixed set of requirements.
  • Organizing storage devices for Linux-based embedded systems.
  • Selecting a bootloader and using it in conjunction with the rest of the system components.
  • The ins and outs of providing network services in Linux-based embedded systems.
  • Which debugging tools are best adapted to solving a given problem.
  • Philosophical and down-to-earth issues surrounding the use of Linux in embedded systems.

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