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You have technical knowledge or experience you want to share with other embedded developers? will gladly publish any in-depth technical article that will help embedded developers that use or intend to use Linux in their projects. will also gladly link to outside articles which serve the same purpose.

Articles will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any marketing material, including press releases and any form of "infotaiment," will be rejected. Articles that build on the methods and techniques described in Building Embedded Linux Systems will receive special attention. Editorials and opinion pieces are also welcomed as long as they constructively build on and enlighten current community debates.

New articles featured on will be simultaneously announced on the site's mailing list to encourage discussion and feedback.

Because is a community site, there is no reward to authors other than the credit they get for providing readers with useful and accurate information.

Articles are to be submited as a single-page text document. The document will then be formatted to fit the presentation style. If you have images or other material to be included with your article, contact the address below beforehand. If you are submitting a link to an outside article, please indicate why you think this article is pertinent to embedded developers that use Linux in their projects. This description, or part of it, will be used in the feature's summary.

Note that by submiting any material you thereby grant me (Karim) the right to publish your material on for the world to see. All other rights, including copyright, are yours to keep.

Use the following address to submit, or inquire about submitting, articles or links to articles:


Do not send article submissions directly to me (Karim). This will result in your submission being ignored.

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